Who am I?

Few thoughts about me

Hi, I’m LARA. I give magical features to your mobile device and open a whole new interactive world around you. With my help you can see even nonexistent and realistic 3D objects, people and videos in realtime. Through me you get your hands on a marketing tool that makes any print media, exhibition or show more spectacular.


Where can I be useful?

I can help you in the following areas

Interactive print

Nowadays the digital integration is the key to the success of print media. Curious readers, various ads, satisfied advertisers. It’s possible!

Outdoor media

Invisible cityligths, billboards, platform ads, ground stickers. I make them come alive with 3D animations, videos and special sound effects!

Brand and products

I can display not only a video commercial or 3D user guide but one or more products on one single package or catalogue!


Tempting destinations, attractions brought alive, digital tour guiding, virtual accommodation visualizations, ticket reservations. With no surprises.


Exciting exhibitions, brought to life dinosaurs, virtual celebrities, full range of products can be displayed in few square meters and interactive form.

Interior and exterior design

It’s exciting, spectacular, tangible and you can even walk around it. Building constructions, interior design on the designer table or in real size, on the spot.

Culture, education

Outer space, history, geometry, chemistry. I open new dimensions displaying curriculum. I make them more enjoyable and understandable.


Alive characters, interactive figures, custom animations, videos and many other possibilities that make books more enjoyable.

Your idea

Many more areas and possibilities to use. Only your imagination is the limit. Share your idea with us now!


How do I work?

Only 3 steps

Download the LARA application!
Point your device on the ad!
Enjoy the LARA experience!

Click on the icons to download the application!


Why am I special?

Find out from the videos


When can we meet?

Write us if you would like to meet my team

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